Youth Tour Questions & Answers

This page will be used to respond to questions the tour coordinator gets from parents and students. Most of the information folks seek can be found in the participant manual or the handout used during the parent/student orientation session held with each utility’s participants.

The questions and answers below are periodically updated as new questions come in. Participants may want to come back to this page frequently to see what other information they might glean from responses to newer questions posed.

To ask a question, please use our contact form.

Do you really mean for the ladies to NOT wear sandals on the trip?
Yes. Do not wear sandals, flip-flops, open-toed shoes, plastic shoes. The two full-time nurses who care for the WYT students report the number one issue that they address is foot problems – blisters, sprains, cuts to the toes and feet. Since the participants on the trip average about eight miles per day on their feet, this rule is designed to keep participants’ feet in good condition and assure and enjoyable trip.
How do I get to Phoenix for the trip?
Contact your local utility tour coordinator. Travel arrangements to and from home and Phoenix is the responsibility of the local utility.
What about jeans?
Jeans are allowed for “casual” dress code days. They are not allowed for “semi casual.” However, due to the likelihood of rain and the high humidity, jeans are on the bottom of the list of recommended attire. Light cotton or linen pants/capris would be a better choice.
Why do you ask for T-shirt size?
During the all-states Youth Day while on the trip, each state wears a distinctive shirt. Each Arizona participant is given a specific shirt to wear for the corresponding day.