Tour Alumni

Welcome Alumni!

We hear from WYT alumni all of the time and they like to share with us the impact the tour has had on their life.

We have developed an alumni magazine which will debut in early 2017. It will cover the plans for the upcoming tour and highlight the most recent tour. In keeping with the entire “legislative nature” of the tour, the magazine will include information on the current legislative issues impacting electric cooperatives.

More importantly, the magazine will be about you. It will include alumni updates.

We have alumni ask us if we have contact information for their fellow tour participants. Yhry expressed a desire to make contact with the people they went on tour. So, we’re developing a database of past participants which can be shared and at the same time, we’re updating our mailing list for the magazine…after all, some of you went on the tour more than 20 years ago and hopefully, aren’t still living with your parents. Unfortunately, for many of you, your old home address is the best contact information we have.

Thank you for taking the time to update your contact information.