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The Action Committee for Rural Electrification (ACRE®) is NRECA’s political action committee. ACRE was formed in 1966 with the mission of making the voice of rural electric cooperative consumers heard in the U.S. Congress. Currently, ACRE is among the top 100 largest political action committees (PAC) in the nation, with over 29,000 individuals contributing.

ACRE is truly a grassroots roots PAC. Nearly 6,000 of our members are electric co-op consumer-owners who have joined the ACRE Co-op Owners for Political Action Committee®. ACRE makes campaign contributions to candidates for Congress who support electric cooperative goals, who share our cooperative values.

For more information on the ACRE program or eligibility to participate, please contact Gabe Snow, ACRE Manager, at 703-907-5799 or


Arizona Action Committee for Rural Electrification (AzACRE) is GCSECA’s political action committee.

AzACRE is a registered political action committee in Arizona.

AzACRE contributes to candidates for the State Legislature.

The AzACRE Committee bases its support on one firm principle: Support those candidates who support rural electrification and the areas we serve.

For more information on AzACRE, contact Casey Ratlief at 602-286-6925 or

Federal law prohibits soliciting contributions from individuals other than NRECA and member-system’s eligible employees, boards of directors, consumer-owners and the family of such individuals. Ineligible individuals cannot be members of ACRE or AzACRE.

Contributions to ACRE and AzACRE are not tax deductible. Contributions to ACRE and AzACRE are voluntary and will be used for political purposes. You have the right to refuse to contribute without reprisal. Any contribution guidelines are merely suggestions. You are free to contribute more or less than the suggested amounts, or not at all. NRECA will not favor or disadvantage anyone by reason of the amount contributed or a decision not to contribute.