March Is a Wild Ride

March just might be the busiest month of the year. Between spring break, the vernal equinox, March Madness, daylight saving time, Pi day and St. Patrick’s Day, who has time to work?

Editorial Director, Mike TeegardenI’m exhausted just thinking about trying to keep up with all of these special days. My favorite of the bunch is March Madness, with Pi Day a close second, and not because I like math. While I don’t have time to follow college hoops most of the season, come tournament time, I love to make my picks and test my guessing skills against my co-workers. I have a system—I’m not sharing—that usually keeps me in the running in the office pool. And for the record, we play for pride, not money.

If college hoops is your thing, check out Before You Go on page 30 for interesting facts about March Madness.

Some years, March weather can also be madness. I’ve seen T-shirt weather and snow on spring break. For committed Northwest cyclists, March is often when road training season begins. If you enjoy touring on two wheels, you might enjoy our story on page 12. You will find handy resources for planning a cycling trip of your own.

Spring is also a traditional time of renewal. For some, that could mean spring cleaning or evaluating your possessions to decide what to keep or toss. Before you discard that damaged appliance or pile of clothing taking up space in the garage, perhaps they can be fixed. While you might not have the skills to tinker, others do. On page 10, we have a story about repair cafés that might interest you.

Repair cafés are community-driven events where fixers and those with things that need fixing collaborate to prolong the life of household items.

Thank you to those who responded to my request. Keep the ideas coming!

Mike Teegarden
Editorial Director